Here are some common questions we get asked about the program. If you have any others feel free to write them below and I’ll personally answer them for you.

Q. I'm too busy to go to the gym and don't really like the atmosphere can I do this program at home?
YES, you can Feel the Burn is designed for busy women to do at home. No need to stress about getting to the gym.  

Q. How many training sessions per week are in the program?
A. You should aim for 3-4 active sessions per week if weight loss is your goal.

Q. What weight loss can I expect from the 12 week program?
A. This really depends on many things, many women see between 6 -12 kilos. Remember this is not about weight loss, your goal should be to increase muscle, energy and your metabolism and your body will change.

Q. How long are the workouts?
A. Each workout varies. Usually between 20-30 minutes depending on your speed. 

Q. I have not exercised for 12 months, is this still for me?
A. Yes, this program is for all levels, especially busy women that want to get their workouts done with maximum results. You can complete the workouts at your own time, level and pace.

Q. I have some knee problems from previous sports, will this be a problem for me?
A. All the exercises can be easily adapted to suit you. If you cannot jump then you simply keep it low impact. I will support you through the program.

Q. What if I have any questions how do I reach out and ask?
A. When you start your program you will be given access to our members only VIP group. Here you can ask questions daily and you will receive full support and guidance.

Q. What if I must stop the program for one or two weeks, what happens then?
You can simply carry on when you feel fit again. You will have 2 weeks extra time at the end of the program.

Q. I feel my problem is my food, I eat very bad and late at night. Can you help with that?
A. YES for sure! You will be provided with an easy to use nutrition program to follow and I'll teach you how to use it. You'll feel full of energy! 


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